Friday, October 23, 2015

Did you ever "FALL" off a wagon?

Happy Fall!

Somehow, I fell off my writing wagon this year; which is odd because its relaxing and enjoyable to me.

Maybe it was the 100's of deliveries of treats to my families for enjoyment as part of my client appreciation program ....

Maybe it was the 100's of home tours with families in search of "the one"....

Maybe it was the 100's of notes written as follow up ....

Lucky for me, "work" never feels like work. Serving families in their search for a new space and marketing homes for sale is a treat for me. Lucky for my clients, I prefer no tricks -- just treats.

So ... whether your home looks like this:

Or like this: 
 14940 Dearborn

I am happy to treat you with exceptional service! 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What's Your Word?

Remember how I like to choose a word of the year, find a picture to plop on my desk as a motivator and reminder, and then work all year with that word directing my focus and energy?

2015's Word:
  1. 1.
    a device in which accumulated tension is suddenly released to hurl an object some distance, in particular.

  1. 1.
    hurl or launch (something) in a specified direction with or as if with a catapult.

Families We Serve: I will do my best to catapult our clients' moving goals and dreams in the direction of their choice, with precision, skill, and experience. 

Irvine & Co.: I want to be YOUR catapult, helping you propel your business in the specific direction you want it to go using our systems, coaching, and accountability.

Self: I will catapult my own business and our team's volume by actively recruiting 2-3 more full-time agents, adhering to our business coaching system, and upholding the team charter we created. 

Feel free to share your word and explain further if you'd like on our Facebook Page.

Look out 2015 -- We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS & ON FIRE already.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sleigh bells ring...are you listenin?

One of my favorite family traditions includes bundling up our family, along with my mom and dad, and heading down to the Plaza for a carriage ride and hot chocolate. I can't put my finger on whether its the familiar smell of the horses (I grew up riding), the jingle of the sleigh bells, the sounds of their hooves clip-clopping, the squished Irvine kiddos' eyes beaming out from beneath their scarves & hats, the taste of the peppermint chocolate latte, or the sight of my mom & dad holding hands and giggling as they listen to my kids' chatter.....maybe its the combination of it all that defines exactly what makes the tradition magical to me.

When I was little, I remember trying to be the first to see our small town's courthouse angels from the backseat of the mini-van as we drove to our family's Christmas Eve party. Tradition back then was defined by the excited tummy to hear Santa coming down the stairs after we sang Christmas carols, the 57 cups of red punch that mom & dad didn't keep track of, the ping pong tournament, the nip of the air & the smell of wood burning stoves when we left the party headed back home to snuggle into pj's and dreamland: that was magical to me.

Phillipsburg, KS courthouse

Time marches on and naturally, traditions change. Many of my clients will be experiencing Christmas and the holiday season for the first time in their new homes. Where will the tree go? How many lights can we hang and how late into the night should we leave them on (without offending the new neighbors)?  Who will host Christmas this year? 

Our beautiful courthouse was magical to me growing up and I hope that my kids find magic in the Plaza lights. 

Irvine & Co wishes you a season of magical moments....usually found in the smallest details of the day or night...(like the sounds of sleigh bells or the ding-dong of your new home's doorbell signaling the arrival of family & friends).

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#BeRoyal #BlueOctober #GoRoyals

Dear Royals, 

I am forever indebted to you. You are the reason my husband moved to KC from Florida. You hired his best friend to come play for you, years ago....and my husband tagged along for the major league ride. 

You are also the source of countless fun memories over the years. We can't imagine raising our kids without the game on TV in the background most evenings throughout the season. Our almost 5 year old son has every player memorized by jersey number. Our almost 3 year old daughter is already talking about what it will be like when she gets to take her first trip to "The K" next season. 


You provide common conversation ground for families, friends, and neighbors throughout our great city....and this year, conversation is electric with excitement toward your achievement of a #BlueOctober. 

You honor our country's service men and women at every game in a prideful way that brings tears to my eyes every time. Thank you. Thank you for honoring not only them, but also their families. As a big sister to a brother who is serving, its a BIG deal. 

And lastly, your success gives our city a unified reason to chant "We Believe That We Will Win" over and over...last night was unforgettable. 

I am grateful to be a loyal Royal. 


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"No Place Like Home"

 My childhood Home:

Every time I go "home" to western KS...I am reminded of how precious HOME is. 
Its where you roots are. Its where your family lives. Its where your memories still live. 

This j-o-b I have of helping folks buy and sell their homes, is not just an everyday occurrence or a business transaction. There are deeply rooted memories, big dreams and plans, and families under construction in the spaces we call HOME. 

It is my honor to share some of my roots through photos here...yep, everyone is famous in a small town. We put cheerleaders on fire trucks and drive tractors down Main Street under the title "parade." We host Kansas Biggest Rodeo annually and we gather around pot-luck dinners (which is actually lunch) to catch up with family and friends. 

My son rode a mutton for all of 2 seconds, my daughter chased and ate at least 25 suckers at the parade, and we all took in another year's worth of Rodeo. 

I am grateful for my job of helping families find their next home or move out of their current home. I am grateful for the Home I grew up in and the Home I now have filled with my own family...because when you return from wherever you have been...
There is No Place Like Home. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

S - T - R - E - T - C - H

Stretch: My "Word" for 2014. This is the image that sits on my desk each day to remind me to stretch my goals, stretch my comfort zones, stretch my legs & arms, stretch my heart....
Eli on Grandpa's Combine
So today (when I have stretched my limits of patience in waiting for my family to return home from 2014 Wheat Harvest in western KS) --- I decided to stretch myself. 
Ruby Kate on Grandpa's Combine

I listed a home this morning, showed a new family a home at noon, delivered over 25 bottles of celebratory "bubbly" to some of my favorite past clients to share excitement in the growth of Irvine & Co., negotiated an offer on a home listed 2 days ago, & went for a 2 mile walk. Here is the sky I was greeted with at the closing of my STRETCHED day. Ironic? I think not.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Need for Seeds

Where I come from, we NEED seeds. Seeds turn into wheat; which turns from green to gold, before being sold (at the grain elevator).

Where I am now: I NEED seeds. These kinds of seeds
include families of all sizes on the move. Seeds who want to grow from where they currently reside into something
larger. Seeds who want to shed a layer and downsize into something smaller.

Do you know of any “seeds” on the move this Spring and Summer?

Be on the lookout for seeds to arrive in your mailbox soon...