Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Firsts - Seconds - Lasts?

As I settled into the chair at my dentists office last week - overly confident in my status of  "NO CAVITIES EVER"...I chatted with the hygienist, as usual and thought about where Bri & I might have lunch following my check up and cleaning.

Much to my dismay, the XRays and dentist later reported that I had some shadowing indicating the need for a filling. WHAT?!?! Surely not. I've made it all the way to 31 without having one of these suckers. Or maybe its that I've had one too many suckers, sodas, SweeTarts, and HotTamales in my time.

Either way my first filling will occur this week. No more perfection here - I will officially have a filling in my mouth, rods & clamps in my back, scars of appendectomy & c-section babies around my middle, and a crooked pinky finger from a highschool basketball drill.

Whether you are searching for your first home, second home, or last home....this blemish-filled Realtor is excited to help you unveil truths about your home search or selling efforts.

Together we can identify the imperfections, focus on the total package, and close on a SweetHeart of a home within the timeline most comfortable to you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rewind? Check. Unplug? Check.

As we kick off the busiest season for Kansas City real estate, I thought it would be fun to share how we unplugged, and hit the rewind button over the Labor Day weekend.

Home for me is a tiny town in western KS, Phillipsburg. And as you travel across the state headed that direction it sometimes feels as if time is rewinding. The days are longer with less road time (everything is seconds away) and the faces are familiar once inside that Phillips county line.

Our kiddos enjoyed some tractor time with grandpa, moving cattle into a different pasture with both my dad and my grandpa, and playing tee-ball in the front yard. Somehow there was enough time to take in the Friday night football game at our new stadium (quite the controversy), attend church, shop at the Rollin J Boutique, visit both sets of great-grandparents, and play a round of golf. So, one could say - I definitely unplugged and enjoyed some quality family time in preparation for Fall's Fury of business. I'm ready whenever you are - let's get MOVING.