Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why Do We Wait until "Should-a,Could-a,Would-a"

As I sift through one of my desk cubby holes...pitching expired coupons and savings 'bucks' I wonder..."Why did I wait to take advantage of these deals?"

Was it because I didn't really need the items in the first place? Nope...all functional/everyday type of items used over and over in the Irvine household.

Was it because I forgot about the coupons? Not necessarily...they are positioned in direct eyesight next to the spot I spend oodles of time in daily.

Am I just a knucklehead? Possibly.

Do you know any knuckleheads that are going to have the "Should-a/Could-a/Would-a" buying blues when mortgage interest rates go up?
How about when prices go up (they are currently up 3.3% from last year at this time)?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Following the bus into our neighborhood...

Last week as I found myself  "trapped" behind the school bus rounding the corner into our neighborhood...I witnessed amazing little glimpses into real life love.

It was the first day of school and at every bus stop there were oodles of parents, grandparents, and care takers with reassuring smiles, hugs, and kisses for the kiddos. Without fail, each pit stop (there were 5 before my culdesac) produced the same interactions between adults and children.

What an awesome display of love. The world is mostly good.

If you want a neighborhood to pull into (or your kids need a new bus stop) - I'd be honored to help you research the best area for your wants and needs.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All I Wanna Do is Go For The Gold

I can't help it - I'm shamelessly addicted to the Olympics. Is it the athletes' greatness? Seeing their life-long goals unfold? Fierce competition? Unity of our world on the same platform?

Who knows...All I know is that watching them makes me realize that the day to day life of a Realtor/Mom/Wife/Neighbor could certainly use some intense training and Olympic-esque focus.

 Maybe, just maybe though...its my multiple titles that allow Olympian focus to stray. Olympians have one goal - one dream - to be an Olympian.

I have many: #1 Realtor, All Star Mom, Irreplaceable Wife, Giving Neighbor...

End result: Bring it on world - Megan is going for gold in all of the above events!

To follow 2012 London Olympics: check this site out.