Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day, Homeless....San Francisco

With a serene setting line this...its hard to imagine anything but happiness. I had the opportunity to attend the National Association of Realtors convention this weekend in San Franciso where agents from around the world gather (over 20K) to share knowledge, leverage experience, and forecast industry evolution. Lessons learned were influential and relevant to our current market: I am energized for 2014.

Location is everything in real estate -right?
Our boutique hotel was only a few blocks north of our conference center, therefore much of our time was spent on heels vs. wheels. Here is what I learned (or was reminded of from a different perspective): Many people do not have homes...which means they have no bathrooms, running water, or personal space to care for themselves. The smells of the city are nothing like the smells of the farm where I was raised. And no matter what you believe or where you land on the rights of humanity and what is "just" or "fair" when it comes to homelessness...we are all being taken care of RIGHT THIS MINUTE and have been for so long we have forgotten to remember. By whom? Our current and past military.

So take a minute, an hour, day, week, or even a month to share your gracious thanks with either a Veteran or someone Homeless. Chances are, the lessons you will learn are Golden. Thank you San Francisco and everyone that is serving our country now and in the past.