Thursday, July 11, 2013

Play Ball: T-bones Style

T-Bones Discount – July 2013

By , July 2, 2013 9:14 am
Reece and Nichols invites you to join us July 15-17 for a special ticket promotion with the Kansas City T-Bones! Tickets are available for purchase at our discounted rate of $7 for select seats. All you have to do is click the links below and enter the special offer code “reece” to access your tickets. Be sure to act fast because seats are LIMITED!
Click here to order tickets for the July 15th Game.
Click here to order tickets for the July 16th Game.
Click here to order tickets for the July 17th Game.
Snap a pic of yourself at the game and send it my way - would love to "catch up" with you and hear how your Summer is going.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sun Up to Sun Down


I grew up in western KS where we looked forward to all kinds of things in the summertime: 4-H Fair, Rodeo, Stockton County Fair (they had carnival rides!), Riverless Festival (that's right...we have no river), Vacation Bible School, and HARVEST.

Harvest meant early mornings, late nights, lots of dirty work, and hopefully bins full of grain. It was a time of replenishing depleted accounts and full on family cooperation. Mom and Grandma split up meal preparation and delivery to the fields so that my dad, grandpa, uncle, and brother could continue working.

This year, my husband and kiddos traveled west to help with harvest for their first time. They were, of course, welcomed graciously and appreciated for the unique gifts they brought to the table. Bri brought "greenhorn" skills with lots of laughs and patience while driving the wheat truck to and from the elevators. Eli and Ruby Kate were unofficial meal helpers and even co-pilots in the combine on a few occasions.

Harvest is preceded by months of preparation from planting to fertilizing and then of course, the prayers for rain, prayers for no hail, prayers for bountiful crop.

Its a gamble that requires a leap of faith. Much like a real estate career.

I plant seeds, nurture the relationships, and pray for continued growth and stability in the business to support my family.

2013's Harvest in western KS brought in an average crop that struggled some from lack of rainfall this Spring.

2013's Harvest in KC real estate is gratefully bringing in an above average until "Harvest" is Sun Up to Sun Down for my business.
(my dad, Grandpa Greg, with Eli & Ruby Kate)