Sunday, September 8, 2013

Are You a Stalker?

Do you drive through your neighborhood at night hoping to snag a flyer in your neighbors' sign box?

Do you snap pics on your phone of addresses so you can remember to look up the price when you get home?

Do you ask your neighbors what "So & So's" house sold for and how long it took them to get a contract?

Is more fun to you on a Friday night than seeing the latest Blockbuster?
**DANGER - super addictive**

You may be a stalker...a Real Estate Stalker that is. 

AND I have your cure: MyNeighborhoodReport. This handy-dandy tool can be delivered to your email weekly or monthly (courtesy of me), so that market activity within your neighborhood is at your fingertips without you engaging an any stalker-esque activities.

Simply shoot me a text/email/FB message with your name and address and I can get you on the road to real estate stalker recovery in no time. 
As for introducing you to Houzz --- well, at least you are in good company, right?