Monday, December 30, 2013

525,600 Minutes...525,600 Moments So Dear

Remember this song from RENT?

How did you spend your 525,600 minutes this year?

How will you spend your 525,600 minutes next year?

Real estate is all about numbers and the ability to translate numbers into powerful actions. Price point positioning, number of days on the market, ratio of your sales price to your asking price, average neighborhood sales price, number of months of inventory...

Since we are on the topic -- here are my 2013 business numbers:

Average Days on Market: 25
Ratio Asking Price to Sales Price: over 98%
Number of Families Served: 61

What will my 2014 numbers look like?

Well, if I fill my 525,600 minutes with at least 2,079 business calls/notes/coffee chats....I will be on target to serve another 60+ families.

What will I do with all my extra time?

I am certain I can fill them with "Moments So Dear."

Monday, December 9, 2013


Years ago, I learned an acronym for B.U.S.Y. that has changed my perspective on the way I work and live.

B urdened
U nder
S atan's
Y oke

In real estate there are all kinds of agents: old, new, seasoned, fresh, established, focused, retired, laid-back, fierce, competitive, young, adventurous, pace-setter, goal oriented, tired, and BUSY.

I would love to behold many of these qualities while others I can do without.  My ultimate goal is to never become so busy that I forget to watch for the moments that make the profession worthwhile. The moments when eyes light up as we cross the threshold of "the one" or when tears of relief trickle now that a chapter can be closed and they can move onto whatever is "next" in life.

During holiday season we like to hustle and bustle, make lists until we are crazed, and set expectations of "magical moments" at an all-time high. Have you ever noticed that all of this can end up pulling and tugging at the very merriment of your heart if you let it. Hmmmm B.U.S.Y.?

Maybe, just maybe, we could all take breath...loosen the yoke...look up and smile. Graciously give to someone in need, open a few extra doors, and look around. There are monumental moments of magic in all kinds of corners in your own home if you just look away from the texting, ipad, laptop, etc...(yoke).

What is it that you are BUSY doing? Its a powerful question for any career. Its a powerful question for a family, a marriage, a friendship.

My Christmas wish is that you loosen the yoke of "crazy" -- tie on some bells of "jingle" instead, and smile more this holiday season because you are relishing and relaxing in the moments around you.