Friday, November 30, 2012

Some beach....somewhere

Since my blog is sometimes about a "day in the life" of this is a snapshot of this day:

1. Continual negotiation of 2 offers (including chasing additional preapprovals and  unresponsive bank representatives)

2. Activation of a new listing in Rockhill Manor area of Kansas City

3. Preparation for pre-listing appointment at 6:15 from my favorite KC Grout Works referral source

4. Coffee with a past client...whom has turned into a best friend

5. Receive notice of cancellation of contract from buyers to my seller clients, which means I had to deliver the unwanted news. (Worst part of my day)

6. Prepare for tomorrow's activities: final walk through for buyers closing on Monday, showing homes mid-day to current buyer/seller clients, and another pre-listing appointment at 3 p.m.

All in all...while it was nice to spend time on this beach in FL over Thanksgiving with Bri's family...

I will never be able to vacation in a home like this...if I don't compile many, many more days like today!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pinterest 0.0

Prior to Pinterest we had Bulletin Boards where one would collect memorabilia, photos, love notes, calendars, etc...

Mine has all of the above including an current, living, breathing Christmas shopping list - which proves it is not a mere dust collector.

I am on board with Facebook, have a Twitter account, and love the "handy-ness" of texting...but I refuse to evolve from my "Happy Spot" Bulletin Board that hangs in my home office as inspiration of WHY I WORK into virtual boards on Pinterest.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's In A Title?

President. CEO. Chairman. Associate. Partner. Leader. Team Member. Mom. Wife. Follower. Server.

As Leader/Chairman of your home search, I will happily serve your real estate ideas while listening to your needs and wants.

As President/CEO of Irvine & Co. (fancy name for my Incorporated Real Estate Business) I provide for my family.

As Associate/Partner of Kristin Malfer & Associates I garner first class marketing and full time support staff to further grow my career.

As Mom/Wife I am blessed through savoring the "small stuff" and forever grateful for Brian, Eli, and Ruby Kate.

As Follower/Team Member in Christ, I tread the daily walk of life bravely.