Friday, September 9, 2011

Why Do I Need a Buyer's Agent?

Ask your self these questions:
1. Do I have time to not only research the residential real estate housing market but also understand the best type of property to purchase based upon my needs?
2. Do I have access to the most up to date and comprehensive information on properties for sale?

3. Do I understand how to accurately interpret market data? (For example, how to compile and evaluate actual sales data and absorption rates?)

4. Do I know how to interpret this data in a way that will help me structure an offer that has a reasonable chance of closing?

5. Do I understand real estate representation? The difference between being a client or a customer? What rights and duties come with representation, and who is loyal to the seller vs. the buyer? In other words, have I researched the value of formalizing a relationship with a buyer's agent?

6. Am I familiar with the common residential real estate contract and how to interpret various clauses to best protect myself from making common buyer mistakes?

7. Do I have the expertise to negotiate on my own behalf, when for the most part, the seller's side has a real estate professional assisting the seller with negotiations?

8. Do I have the ability to find a qualified home inspector? What about other qualified professionals needed in the real estate transaction?

9. Do I have time to research current home loan programs and determine which one is best for me?

10. Do I know the zoning regulations and building codes pertaining to residential real estate in the area I am interested in moving to? Do I understand how this may impact my plans to use or modify the property I want to purchase?

These issues and more come up during the buying process....I'd love to help you through the process, as a licensed/educated Realtor with an Accredited Buyer Representative designation and a Certified Real Estate Negotiator designation.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Check List for your HOME