Friday, December 21, 2012

Sparkle Jolly Twinkle Jingly

If you have ever had the JOY of seeing the production of will know which song I am referencing. We were lucky enough to see it in the Tampa Bay Performing Arts theater over this holiday season and I've had the tune in my noggin ever since.

In efforts to spread the cheer...

Sparkle: may your eyes sparkle with love and gratitude as you speak to your loved ones over the next week

Jolly: may your home be filled with a jolly atmosphere including delicious food, family, and friends (old & new)

Twinkle: may your spirit twinkle in a manor that glorifies HIM

Jingly: may your pockets have enough "jingle" to provide for your needs and satisfy your wants all the year through

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.