#BeRoyal #BlueOctober #GoRoyals

Dear Royals, 

I am forever indebted to you. You are the reason my husband moved to KC from Florida. You hired his best friend to come play for you, years ago....and my husband tagged along for the major league ride. 

You are also the source of countless fun memories over the years. We can't imagine raising our kids without the game on TV in the background most evenings throughout the season. Our almost 5 year old son has every player memorized by jersey number. Our almost 3 year old daughter is already talking about what it will be like when she gets to take her first trip to "The K" next season. 


You provide common conversation ground for families, friends, and neighbors throughout our great city....and this year, conversation is electric with excitement toward your achievement of a #BlueOctober. 

You honor our country's service men and women at every game in a prideful way that brings tears to my eyes every time. Thank you. Thank you for honoring not only them, but also their families. As a big sister to a brother who is serving, its a BIG deal. 

And lastly, your success gives our city a unified reason to chant "We Believe That We Will Win" over and over...last night was unforgettable. 

I am grateful to be a loyal Royal. 



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