Ice "Dancing"

Meryl and Charlie, USA's gold medalists, left it all on the ice (over the past 17 years in training together) to earn their post atop the podium.

With the snow and ice of early February 2014...I often found myself ice "dancing" in and out of homes while touring with families in search of "the one."

Unfortunately, my balance and charisma on ice lacks luster. One morning, a couple of Saturday's ago, I was headed out to show a handful of homes. With my arms loaded full of stuff (coat, purse, file folders, ekey, water bottle, snow boots...just in case), I went to open my back hatch to get something.

In one flick of an eyelash, my double Lutz turned into a triple fLutz
Every blasted item I insisted on carrying in ONE trip to the car was scattered on the driveway. Every ounce of dignity sprawled out on all fours while trying to pry myself UP off the ice. 

I decided snow boots were no longer optional that morning as I dried my tears, wiped my cut knees and hands, and hustled back out the 10 minutes late. 

I may not be a gold medal Ice Dancer...but I have a heart that seeks gold in others and a work ethic that carries (or drags) me through ice & snow. 


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