Sleigh bells ring...are you listenin?

One of my favorite family traditions includes bundling up our family, along with my mom and dad, and heading down to the Plaza for a carriage ride and hot chocolate. I can't put my finger on whether its the familiar smell of the horses (I grew up riding), the jingle of the sleigh bells, the sounds of their hooves clip-clopping, the squished Irvine kiddos' eyes beaming out from beneath their scarves & hats, the taste of the peppermint chocolate latte, or the sight of my mom & dad holding hands and giggling as they listen to my kids' chatter.....maybe its the combination of it all that defines exactly what makes the tradition magical to me.

When I was little, I remember trying to be the first to see our small town's courthouse angels from the backseat of the mini-van as we drove to our family's Christmas Eve party. Tradition back then was defined by the excited tummy to hear Santa coming down the stairs after we sang Christmas carols, the 57 cups of red punch that mom & dad didn't keep track of, the ping pong tournament, the nip of the air & the smell of wood burning stoves when we left the party headed back home to snuggle into pj's and dreamland: that was magical to me.

Phillipsburg, KS courthouse

Time marches on and naturally, traditions change. Many of my clients will be experiencing Christmas and the holiday season for the first time in their new homes. Where will the tree go? How many lights can we hang and how late into the night should we leave them on (without offending the new neighbors)?  Who will host Christmas this year? 

Our beautiful courthouse was magical to me growing up and I hope that my kids find magic in the Plaza lights. 

Irvine & Co wishes you a season of magical moments....usually found in the smallest details of the day or night...(like the sounds of sleigh bells or the ding-dong of your new home's doorbell signaling the arrival of family & friends).

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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