C'Mon Spring!

While Spring has sprung in my house -- it seems to not want to stick around outside for longer than 12 hour blips of warm sunshine.

Those of you that know me well have seen my "Season Tree" don its many outfits depending on the time of year you have visited. Eli & Ruby Kate have started "helping" me decorate now and boy does that take all kinds of patience from me. Deep breaths!

Speaking of deep breaths, this time of year can be confusing and frustrating for people considering a move. Is it too early to put our home on the market? Will we miss the rush of buyer traffic if we wait for the sun to shine? 

Buyers are thinking...how will we ever find the right home with so little to choose from? And why are all the "good ones" going so quickly for full price or more?

A little perspective: 

1. NOW is the right time to get your home on the market. You have not missed the rush of buyers and we are in need of quality homes to sell. 

2. The right home for you IS out there. The hunting process has to be more of a sniper approach though with a seasoned professional guiding your tour. 

Pricing is stable. Our economic downturn in 2008 led to 5 years of consecutive home value declines. Our prices are finally starting to rebound and they are moving up at a healthy rate of 5-7% yearly in appreciation. 

You can afford a much larger, nicer home today than you would have been able to without the economic shift. So focus on the Sunshine....I promised Spring is just around the corner.


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