S - T - R - E - T - C - H

Stretch: My "Word" for 2014. This is the image that sits on my desk each day to remind me to stretch my goals, stretch my comfort zones, stretch my legs & arms, stretch my heart....
Eli on Grandpa's Combine
So today (when I have stretched my limits of patience in waiting for my family to return home from 2014 Wheat Harvest in western KS) --- I decided to stretch myself. 
Ruby Kate on Grandpa's Combine

I listed a home this morning, showed a new family a home at noon, delivered over 25 bottles of celebratory "bubbly" to some of my favorite past clients to share excitement in the growth of Irvine & Co., negotiated an offer on a home listed 2 days ago, & went for a 2 mile walk. Here is the sky I was greeted with at the closing of my STRETCHED day. Ironic? I think not.


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